Periodontics is the dental specialty that treats gum diseases


At Dental Excellence Clinic we deal with the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases, whether they are of bacterial-infectious origin - such as gingivitis (inflamed gums) or periodontitis (inflamed gums with bone loss) - as well as mucogingival alterations, both by defect (retractions of the gum) and by excess (gingival smile).

The gums are a key agent in the health of your mouth, and serve as an alert to other hidden problems in your teeth. We are specialists and we want your mouth to be healthy and your teeth to look perfect.

Prevention in these diseases is very important, left untreated it can provoke the tooth loss. The sooner possible treatment is better.

Gums disease, such as periodontitis, not only keep an infection in your gums, but it is wearing away the jawbone that results impossible holding the teeth. The sooner we detect the problem and start the treatment, the less the consequences will be.

At Excellence Dental we are pioneers in treatments and technological means. And we always try to keep your natural teeth, thus avoiding subsequent implants.

How can I detect if I have any problems with my gums?

Bleeding gums when brushing teeth

Red or inflamed gums

Abnormal or white gums

Movement of the dental pieces

Bad breath

Modifications in the bite

Gums increased sensibility

Phlegmon, pus or infections

Dr. Bosch, the Director of Excellence Dental, will make the diagnosis and will design the treatment. It is an expert in this field, formed in national and international universities, presented as a reference in medical publications. You will be in good hands.

Do not worry, we will offer you the best solution and excellence service.

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Periodontics is the dental specialty that treats gum diseases

What is it about

Estética Dental en casos periodontales

La enfermedad periodontal o “piorrea” llamada coloquialmente, es una enfermedad común en la población, que si no se trata adecuadamente puede llevar a la pérdida de los dientes.

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