Gingivectomy/Gingival Smile

Gingivectomy/Gingival Smile


The aesthetic demand is usually the main request of the patients that we treat in Excellence Dental. The misalignment of the gingival contours, the exaggerated length of the teeth affected by gingival recessions or excessive exposure of gingival tissue by having a high smile line can be corrected in just a simple way and provide the patient with a pleasant and harmonious smile.

Sometimes a single treatment just required and in others as a treatment prior to the placement of veneers. Mucogingival aesthetic surgery can help you smile with confidence.

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Exceso de encía o Sonrisa Gingival

¿Sientes que muestras un exceso de encía al sonreír? En Excellence Dental tenemos la solución

Mediante técnicas de cirugía mucogingival, la Dra. Bosch, especialista en Periodoncia, realizará un recontorneado gingival estético que consistirá en remover o añadir encía dependiendo del caso, consiguiendo armonizar el conjunto encía-diente, alineando las alturas de todas las encías consiguiendo, eliminando el efecto del exceso de encía al sonreír y mostrando unas encías simétricas y armónicas en las caras de nuestros pacientes.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gingivectomy/Gingival Smile

I don't like to smile, as I show too much the gum. Does any solution exist?

The causes of lip-gum imbalance-teeth that affect the smile can be multiple and sometimes combine with each other. The first step is to analyze in detail each element of your smile both in movement and without (lips, gums and teeth) individually and together to determine the features that we can improve and enhance and those limitations that we must assume. If the main causative element is excess gum, we can reconfigure the margins to balance the proportions.

I have always had square and short teeth, what is it due to?

Apart from the excessive wear of the teeth or alterations in their shape, the most frequent cause is usually the altered passive alteration 
It is the lack of apical migration of the gingiva during the final phase of the overall process of the eruption of the teeth, giving it an aspect of short and excessively square teeth. Not only is it an aesthetic problem, since it often causes difficult control of plaque and constant gingival inflammation.
Once each case is analyzed and the problem is detected, by means of a small intervention in a few weeks we can return the natural proportion to your teeth.

I see my gums very dark and I do not like it. Can I change it?

The hyperpigmentation of the gums occurs due to an excessive deposit of melanin, which gives them a very dark, almost black appearance. The causes are multiple and it is usually more frequent for women and located in the anterior sector of the gums. Although it is totally benign and does not pose a medical problem, it sometimes makes the patients feel uncomfortable. There are different ways to treat it, but all they relate to make a kind of 'peelling' to the gum to reduce and / or eliminate that dark coloration. 
Dr. Marisa Bosch uses the newest laser technique to treat it in most cases without anesthesia and with more comfortable and easy postoperative period.

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