Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

Design and perfect result

Digital Smile Design 

It is advanced technique that will let you to evaluate the design of your smile before

starting treatment.

This leading-edge system is used in cases of dental aesthetics and oral rehabilitation, and will allow you to analyse with a final photo the result that your treatment will achieve. In short, at Excellence Dental we can make true the smile you've always dreamed of. So the result will be the one you want and your smile will be recovered.

How is the proccess?

Dr. Llansana's team will take a series of photographs and videos in the professional study available at the clinic, since for us and for the treatment, the face of the patient, his features or expressions are very important. From these images, we will integrate design of the future smile, selecting the teeth that best adapt to the patient´s shape of face.

This system prevents excessively long treatments or incomplete or subjective patient-doctor’s communication. The same patient will be able to comment on the final result before the treatment is started, so that the color, design of the pieces or tonality would be perfect.

Once the design is approved, a new smile will be created from this visualization.

The unique veneers will be designed with millimetre perfection and made of the best materials, and then Dr. Llansana will turn them into his museum dental pieces.

A brilliant denture that you'll want to show off every moment.

Excellence Dental is a leader in dental technology in Mallorca.

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