Bone regeneration

Bone regeneration

Under what circumstances is bone regeneration necessary?

During our life we can suffer bone loss in different parts of the body (including the jaws) due to several reasons: due to normal ageing, due to the loss of teeth; for diseases that destroy the bone tissue, such as osteoporosis or periodontitis; due to oral infections or trauma.

Therefore, when you go to Excellence Dental, it is possible that our specialist will recommend you bone artificial recovering. This will have a greater relevance when dealing with implantology treatments, since we depend on good bone support to fix the implants that will hold the new teeth.

It is always advisable to make a scan of the jaws in order to determine the quantity and quality of the bone tissue before deciding on a technique of regeneration.

Bone regeneration techniques for dental implants

Dental specialists in Oral Surgery choose the most appropriate technique depending on the area and the extent of bone mass to be recovered. There are several techniques to achieve the correct integration of an implant, which can be divided into two major types: membranes and grafts. The most used techniques are the following:

Bone injert

The grafts are small "bone transplants", whether fragments of the patient's own bone (autografts), another species (xenografts) or synthetic materials, such as crystalline ceramics. The preferred option is the patient's own bone, but it is not always possible. After the intervention, the patient has to wait a few months while the graft helps the generation of new bone and that it is mature enough to ensure that the implant is stable and safe. Sometimes, only a minor graft is needed and this surgery can be performed at the same time as the implant.

These grafts allow to increase both the width and the height of the bone of the maxilla or the jaw where the implant is going to be placed. They are widely used especially in the jaws, with the technique known as breast lift

Membranes for grafts

In many cases, the integration of the bone graft into the jaw or maxilla is not automatic, and doctors should resort to using membranes that support the transplanted material so that it does not move until it is integrated into the rest of the bone. These membranes can be synthetic or from biological molecules, such as collagen. Again, the more similar the chemical composition, the results tend to be better

All these procedures have proven their effectiveness already, but to choose the ideal one you need doing tests performed by our Excellence Dental specialists to help them to assess with it. There are even cases in which several techniques can be combined to obtain an optimal result.

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