Non-metal crowns

Non-metal crowns

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The non-metal crowns that we work with in Excellence Dental are the structures that cover the tooth completely. They are manufactured in the laboratory according to measure of each tooth and do not carry metal.

In cases when teeth are missing and a dental implant can not be placed, we can place dental bridges, which are several crowns attached. For this, we have to file and reduce the neighboring teeth. In this way, the false teeth will be held and will rest on the filed teeth in front and behind the area to be replaced. A technique that must be performed by professionals such as Excellence Dental, so that the result is optimal.

How does a fixed crown or non-metal bridge work?

A crown is used to completely cover a destroyed tooth. In addition, it can be used to improve the appearance, shape or alignment of the tooth. A crown can also be placed on an implant to achieve the shape and functional structure of a tooth.

If you missed one or more teeth, the dentist will recommend a bridge. The free spaces between the missing teeth cause that, with time, the remaining teeth rotate or move towards the empty spaces which causes an inappropriate bite. Bridges are often used to replace one or more missing teeth, and occupy the space left by them. The dentist cements the bridges to the natural teeth or to the implants that surround the empty space.

The advantages of fixed crowns and non-metal bridges:

Because of their resistance, the crowns are indicated on fragile teeth or in cases when the biting habits could fracture other less solid restorations. The crowns are also indicated on teeth that have been severely destroyed or restored by previous injuries, in which carving would only aggravate the situation.

 The drawback of the crowns has traditionally been the exposure of metal in the area surrounding the gum, obscuring it. At Dental Excellence Clinic, we solve this aesthetic problem by using metal-free crowns. They maintain the aesthetic characteristic of feldspathic porcelain with the resistance provided by aluminous porcelain or zirconia.

Other treatments of Dental crowns

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