Clinical teeth whitening

Clinical teeth whitening

The most effective and least abrasive technique

What is the most advanced tooth whitening system?

The scientifically most advanced whitening system is safe,

effective and incredibly fast procedure. In just one visit you can get your teeth perfectly white. It is ideal for all cases especially for those busy people who are looking for immediate results.

How does this type of whitening procedure work?

Once indicated by Dr. Llansana this type of whitening, an oral cleaning or prophylaxis will be recommended to do before.

Subsequently, desensitizing toothpastes will be prescribed a week before the whitening session.

This system is preferred by our dental clinic, because we see it very safely for the tissues. The soft tissues are isolated from inside and around the mouth, lips and gums especially, leaving only the exposed teeth to be treated.

Then the gel is applied and, after that, the technical lamp, so that it penetrates smoothly and slowly into the teeth by means of photoactivation of the hydrogen peroxide and performs the bleaching effect.

How long does the procedure take in the clinic?

It is a type of rapid tooth whitening that is done in clinic under the supervision of a dentist and dental hygienist, which guarantees total control of the treatment. It takes approximately an hour and the results are immediate.

During the treatment the patient can watch television or listen to music without any inconvenience if he wishes. We have piped music in the clinic and plasma televisions on the roof.

Are there any side effects?

There is a myth that teeth whitening techniques are harmful to teeth, but it’s not true in case if it is done by dental aesthetic professionals and, above all, in dental clinic such as Excellence Dental, which is committed to using products of first quality with studies that demonstrate their effectiveness and harmlessness.

During and after the teeth whitening treatment you do not feel any pain but a sensitivity that is totally transient and that will disappear after few days.

How long do the results last?

 Following certain care instructions after whitening, your teeth will always be whiter than before the treatment. To ensure that your teeth look as good as possible, we recommend maintaining correct oral hygiene using the maintenance product at home according to the recommendations of our professionals.

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The most effective and least abrasive technique

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Tener unos dientes blancos es el deseo de muchos de los pacientes que acuden a la consulta del dentista con el objetivo de lucir la mejor de las sonrisas con una imagen estéticamente perfecta.

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Tener mis dientes blancos y sanos es muy importante para mi.

Una única sesión de 1 hora y media, para conseguir bajar 6 tonos.

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