Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Get your teeth perfectly bright and white

Testimonies of Teeth whitening

What is it about

Internal bleaching

Many patients have one of the front teeth damaged and this has ended with a root canal.
The aesthetic consequences of endodontics is a yellowish discoloration with time.
The solution we propose is the technique of internal bleaching in one or several sessions to get back the natural white color of the tooth.

What is it about

Home whitening

Home tooth whitening is a good alternative to clinical whitening.
We can see the result of whitening treatment made under the supervision of our hygienist Taís Peralta.
The patient was treated with supragingival hygiene prior to the start of treatment with the bleaching agent.
The duration of the treatment in this case was 10 days, placing the splint with the whitening product at night.

What is it about

ZOOM Whitening

White teeth - that is what many patients desire when they come to the dentist's office with the purpose to show the best smile with the aesthetically perfect image.
Real Case of ZOOM Whitening!

Patient treated



Tener mis dientes blancos y sanos es muy importante para mi.

Just a single session of 1:30 to get the difference of 6 tones.

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Conscious sedation

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