Andrea Volpi

Andrea Volpi

Dental higienist

"The first step of a healthy mouth is hygiene"

Andrea is one of Excellence Dental's hygienists. She carries out dental cleaning and whitening treatments and also she will advice you how to keep the good results achieved. In addition, you can consult with her all your doubts about oral hygiene techniques more suitable for you.

Academic background

Basic training course in dental whitening. (2013) 

Operator Course Radiodiagnostics facilities (2012) 

FP of higher grade of Oral Hygiene (2011). ADEMA School 

Higher grade FP of dental prosthesis (2009). ADEMA School 

What qualities should a good hygienist have? 

A hygienist must be efficient, close and patient. In addition, you must always enhance your professional skills to offer the best service.

What do you like most about working at Excellence Dental? 

I like being able to solve patients' doubts, see how they improve and the gratitude shown by the time we have dedicated to them. Also, I like the good atmosphere that exists between the patients and professionals. 

What do you like to do when you're not working?

I love to ride a bike, travel, spend time with my family, friends and be with my dogs.

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Por un bien común, aplicamos estrictos protocolos de bioseguridad y regulamos el flujo de pacientes por lo que este mes de Mayo nuestro horario de visita será:

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