How is a root canal performed?

After locally anesthetizing the area, a cavity is made to access the inside of the tooth. Then the root canals are cleaned and filled with a suitable material. Finally, a provisional filling is placed, which must be replaced by a definitive one. It will be necessary to use intraoral dental radiographs to perform the procedure. Depending on the previous state of the tooth and the anatomy it presents, one or more sessions may be required.


Does endodontics hurt?

It is an intervention that is performed under anaesthesia, so it’s not painful. In any case, this will also depend on the pain tolerance of each patient and on the nerves or tranquillity in which the patient is state before undergoing endodontics.

Am I going to need a second endodontics?

It is usually a definitive treatment, although sometimes it is necessary to re-endodontize a piece. Sometimes the endodontic treatment does not work as expected, generally due to the impossibility of eliminating all the bacteria present in the ducts. In these cases, and after the evaluation of the health professional, a second cleaning of the ducts is carried out in order to preserve the piece and the natural dentition of the patient.

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