Composite veneerse

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The composite veneers are aesthetic sheets of a resinous aesthetic material called composite. It is the same material that we use for the subsequent fillings, but it was improved to give aesthetic and naturalness to our veneers.

Time is the main advantage of this treatment. Just with one session of Smile Makeover we manage to give the ideal aesthetics to our patients. For this reason, many patients come to Excellence Dental to improve slight dental malpositions, dental size discrepancies, non-complex dental fractures, conoid teeth and slight changes in tooth coloration. In these cases the Composite Veneers can be an alternative to ceramic veneers to improve their dental aesthetics.

We must take into account that these veneers require annual maintenance, and in contrast to Ceramic Veneers, these are stained with tobacco and coffee.

Thanks to this Smile Makeover system and Dr Llansana' s experience , at Excellence Dental we can offer you smile improvement just with one session by handcrafting fine composite sheets that are placed on top of our patient's tooth. What we get to improve is the shape and color, the result is more natural and radiant smile.

It is a non-invasive technique, since in most cases it is not necessary to carve or dental preparation.

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